In technical and technological projects, the most important step is having a clear idea on what to do, how to do it and how to do it so well that we never have to do it all over again. At ARI, we know how complex it is for an internal team, regardless of its technicity, to objectively analyze the goals/requirements of the project, strategically identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team, thoroughly comprehend the technical state of the environment and build an expert-level, scalable, secure and reliable technical and technological infrastructure for a project, startup or company.
Our team at Afromensa Research Institute takes care of the whole procedure and provides you with a complete and detailed roadmap for your projects. We go all the way down to classes, architecture and variable naming systems!

We at Afromensa believe in the necessity of helping young startup founders achieve excellency in order for the economy of african countries to thrive. We therefore make it a personal challenge to provide startup founders with the expertise required to fully analyze their startup idea technically, build the architecture and help them build their prototypes!
By partnering up with us, you get access to a technical expertise only available in bigtech companies for a fraction of the price.
We also propose payment plans adapted to your startup's finances allowing you to benefit from our assistance and paying in accordance with your own plan and financial capacity. We got your back!

At Afromensa Research Institute, we provide you with a team of experts for the development of your desktop software, web application and mobile application using international design and development standards.
Our competitive advantage is our ponctuality, our expertise and our speed of execution. We provide you with a state-of-the-art development team that can build any software you need in a reasonable timeframe and help you maintain it over time.
We specialize in Desktop applications and mobile applications development.
Furthermore, our team is available to organize and re-engineer your codebase to make it clean, reliable, scalable and reusable. We clean your code and architecture allowing you to deliver new features faster and stay functional and scalable!


Our Services

At Afromensa Research Institute, we focus on providing our partners with an expertise in technical and technological research and development. We also prioritize helping startups structure their tech infrastructure and build their prototypes.

Technical and Technological Analysis

We help our partners go from vision to product in the most optimal and efficient way by analyzing their projects and building up a complete and detailed technical and technological roadmap to reach their goals. we help them understand exactly what they technically need and how they need to use it.

Startup tech assistance and prototyping

We provide startups with the tech expertise they need to thoroughly evaluate the technical requirements of their ideas, optimize their decision making process and shape their vision into great products by building their prototype thus effectively cutting down the time-to-market and PMF analysis time.

Codebase organization & re-engineering

We know how tedious keeping the codebase clean can be especially for dynamic startups who need to deliver new features rapidly. We do the background work of organizing your codebase thus keeping it clean and scalable at all times and we help re-engineer your architecture into a worldclass clean code.

Web and Desktop application development

At ARI, we believe in quality, efficience, security and scalability. We help our partners build a top-notch web and desktop application for their projects, startups and companies based on their own custom requirements. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!

Mobile application development

We provide our partners with modern, fast and worldclass cross platform mobile applications for their projects and startups. We have the reputation of building the best and most robust apps in Mali and we deserve it. Let's discuss about your next amazing app!

Market research for startups

Afromensa Research institute aims at helping organize the African startup ecosystem by bringing in quality, reliable and diversified data and data analysis tools. We perform market research for specific startup domains in Africa. At ARI, we empower startups the right way!

Yeratube codebase organization

ongoing projects

We're currently working on refactoring the whole codebase of the social media video sharing platform Yeratube to structure it for exponential growth. Our work is focused on the mobile application codebase, its back-end and the database.

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Bio-boroni tech

ongoing projects

We're helping the startup team at bio-boroni to analyze their tech value proposition in order to propose a well-suited tech architecture & infrastructure that will better fit their vision. Check out the awesome concept Bio-boroni is working on!

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Why choose ARI?

After spending 10 years in the African tech ecosystem in general and the malian tech ecosystem in particular on top of the many years of software engineering experience our team members have from working in Europe and East-asia, our experience in different areas of tech make us extremely knowledgeable about creating, structuring and maintaining a tech company.

Most startups and companies have great ambition and fairly good tech teams but most lack the required technical and technological expertise needed to build a robust, reliable, resilient and scalable architecture and infrastructure for their tech projects resulting in poorly developed applications that barely work and can hardly be updated plus very tedious codebases that can't be passed on to other developers. This lack of technical expertise is the first cause of death for 80% of tech startups in Africa.

At ARI, we've been there and done that. We proved ourselves through our products on the market and decided to share our knowledge of afro-centric tech with actors of the african tech ecosystem. choosing ARI means drastically increasing your chances to survive and surpass in the ecosystem by having a clear understanding of your technical requirements, an optimal proposal for your technical infrastructure and a tech-savvy team to help you build up your prototype and bring your vision to fruition. We make it possible for billiant non-tech founders to build tech startups with total confidence in the strength of their product.

Partnering up with ARI means choosing success from Day-1!

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Team Members

Our strength at ARI is our team of experts who have proven themselves on multiple occasions in the African tech and startup ecosystem. They are the reason we can help you reach new heights with your projects! At ARI, teamwork makes the dream work!


Mohamed L Malet

CEO & Founder

Tech entrepreneur, Software & mobile developer, Java expert

Mohamed Malet is a well known tech entrepreneur and software developer based in Mali. He's known for his keen eye for clean coding, robust and scalable architecture and efficient building strategies.


Ouma Idrissa Baby

Business developer

Business developer and growth strategist

Ouma is a Network engineer and business strategist specialized in finding out the most effective and efficient way to build your business and make it work.If you need to know how to structure your business for success she's the one for you!


Maurice Goldman

Software developer

Full-Stack web developer, EE enginner, Java developer

Maurice is an amazing software developer with a diversified tech stack able to properly handle any codebase thrown at him. He's a full on developer that takes pleasure in organizing and re-structuring complex codebases in multiple languages in a reasonable timeframe.

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in today's rapidly changing and digitizing world, knowledge of the world around you is precious if you want to go forward but knowledge of yourself and your assets is crucial if you want to make it far. We believe in you and your ability to change your society. With our assistance, we'll give you the expertise you need to bring out the best of you and show the world what you're capable of!

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